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Doug started flying at 9 years old in 1962 when his Dad joined Capper Flying Club. He has been a part of the maintenance crew ever since. Doug earned his Pilot Certificate in 1986 and joined Capper as a member, instead of just the guy hanging around airplanes. He earned his Instrument Rating in 1988. Doug has been an active member of Capper for 32 years. His Dad, Bill Nuckolls, has been a member for 56 years. During his membership he has been an integral part of the maintenance team of Bill Nuckolls, and now retired Warren Ellis.


Doug earned his A&P Certificate and is now the Club’s chief mechanic.


Doug says he has too many hobbies. Horses, hunting, fishing, camping, blacksmithing, but his love is airplanes.


Doug is an Instructor at a local FAA Airframe and Powerplant Training school.

Jim Roth

Vice President



Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single and Multiengine Land; Instrument Airplane: and Flight Instructor Certificate Rotorcraft Helicopter

Jim was introduced to general aviation at about 8 years old by his dad when he got his private pilot’s certificate.  In the early 1960’s his father joined the Capper Flying club.  At that time the club had a Piper Tri Pacer and a Cessna 170.  HIs first flying lesson was on September 10, 1966 at the age of 16.  March of 1970 he got his MEL rating, and had a Commercial rating by April.  Jim became a member of  Capper in May of 1970 and was in the club until March of 1976.  In 1977 I purchased a new Grumman Lynx which I flew until 1981.  In 1984 he bought a 1949 Piper Clipper that he enjoyed flying for 5 years.  In 1990 he began flying helicopters. He rejoined Capper in January 1996 as he had figured out that owning my own airplane was more expensive than being a club member.



Ken Keller has been flying for 25 years and holds a SEL private pilot certificate. He has had aerobatic training and has flown many models of aircraft including Cessna 150, 152, 162, 172, 182, Grumman AA-5A, Grob G115C and Piper PA28. 

He enjoys flying with his family and friends to local airports, especially to spend a day on Catalina Island, or have brunch in Camarillo or Santa Ynez. He frequently flies to the Kern Valley Airport, near his vacation home. Sometimes his golden retriever, Chewy, comes along for the ride.


When he’s not flying, Ken works as an electrical engineer in Camarillo.



Rich has been a Capper Flying Club member since approximately 2004. He lives with wife, Virgina, in Marina del Rey, CA.

He is self-employed as a California licensed attorney. See His areas of practice include all types of civil/real estate, probate and estate cases as well as aviation related law. Involved in

various nonprofit organizations including Van Nuys propeller Association, greater Van Nuys Rotary club, motivated Toastmasters, greater San Fernando Chamber of Commerce, Northridge Chamber of Commerce, as well as multiple bar associations, and AOPA panel attorney.


Rich enjoys contributing local

charity plane ride gifts for auction items.

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